my book review 4

Summary: (The lightning thief: percy jackson) The Lightning Thief is a 2005 fantasy-adventure novel based on Greek mythology, the first young adult novel written by American author Rick Riordan. like/ dislike: i liked every thing from this book it was an adventure. I didn’t like that it was to long!!!!!!!!!  rating: i would give it […]

My letter to Malala

3, may 2017 Dear Malala, This letter is meant to tell you how much I admire and respect what you have accomplished. your book was inspirational and you inspire me to have courage and be positive even when all hope is lost. I think you had some rough experiences but you stud tall and let […]

My Way Of Seeing The World

Life, we all wonder how it began, we think we have a way, a type of plan, but really its not as easy as you might think, to find the answer we need to work hard and not even blink, we all have answers but there still a how and why, i hope one day […]

My book review 3

Summary: (The world as I see it “Albert Einstein”)    The World as I See It is a book by Albert Einstein published in 1949. The book is made of  letters, interviews and more. The book has his opinions thoughts and more. The book is about his life and all his accomplishments.  Like/Dislike: Its not because Einstein is […]

My mini-memoir

Hello my name is Armando Camejo. I was born in Cuba and I was raised there for six years. Then at six years old I came to the United States to live with my mom and my dad. I had do 1st grade here and I can’t complain about my teachers, I went to Auburndale […]

My Book Review 2

Summary:   (Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine)  There is a boy named Justin and his older brother Kyle. One day Kyle was killed in Afghanistan and his brother Justin was devastated and couldn’t believe what had happen to his older brother. There was still one gift that Kyle managed to give to his brother…… a highly […]